BBBEE Consulting

We can assist your company in achieving its desired BBBEE ratings with customised consulting and related BBBEE services to meet your company’s needs and budget. We will design and assist you to implement and manage your BBBEE strategy

We analyse your current BBBEE status and advise you of what your company needs to do to achieve points on the BBBEE scorecards, as well as advise you on the most cost-effective or simplest options for your company.

We also provide one-on-one training for your employees that manage the BBBEE process in-house, so that they are better equipped to ensure your optimal score is obtained. This is coupled with on-going monitoring and support.

In addition, we will put you in contact with BBBEE- rated charities, Enterprise Development beneficiaries, SETA accredited training providers, and SANAS accredited BBBEE auditors.


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HR Allies

Our experienced and qualified team can assist with the fundamental HR functions required for your business to run smoothly.